Food Truck Design 

Menu Design



Valpo Velvet is an ice cream shop located in Valparaiso, Indiana. They are known for their delicious ice cream and treats. The goal of this particular redesign was to create a food truck that would bring in new customers and stand out in its environment to create more advertisement for the business. 




Valpo Velvet prides themselves on using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. The rebrand and redesign was inspired by their famously known ice cream products, which consist of all natural ingredients that come from cows. The cows are a highlighted feature in their current shop. The cows and ice cream combination inspired the new design and identity for Valpo Velvet.



The identity of Valpo Velvet incorporates an ice cream cone with swirls as the ice cream scoop. These swirls mimic the outlines of a cow print and the chocolate or caramel swirls they use on their sundaes. Since ice cream is their most popular product, I incorporated the cone to be the primary logomark. The swirl pattern is used in other icons that were incorporated into their menu and packaging. 


The ice cream cone pattern is located on the bottom portion of the truck so children can easily see the treats from their point of view. The dark blue color of the truck is a continuation of their current color scheme. Their new design will still be recognizable for current customers, while also providing a fresh new twist to their brand by adding lighter blues. 


After reviewing menu engineering, I designed the food truck menu incorporating 12 flavors. Customers can choose between ice cream, floats, shakes, and malts. There is a menu attached to the truck so customers can see it while standing near the window. There is a standee menu that can be placed farther away from the truck to draw in customers. I also designed new menus for food items that are sold in store.


The functionality of the packaging for the consumer was considered as well as the overall design to make the new look cohesive on all platforms. Cone wraps, sundae cups, shake cups, and bags were designed with the brand colors and patterns. 

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